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Skills that lead a child to do things for simply fun and enjoyment rather than specifically for any purpose. Skills we can also develop under influence of any external factor in terms of perks, rewards, promotion etc.

Interest is direct and stable preferences for certain work activities and work – environment as well.

Basically represents thought process or perception of human.

Values and Motivation
Values are Principles, that a child finds desirable when he / she become grown up. Motivation is derived from one’s skill set rather. Both are essential for career growth and success.

Future of the Career
It defines the prospect of any chosen career or relevancy of any job profile in the near and the distant future.


We clear all doubts and confusions about student’s future education, help them to discover their unique potential so that they can move forward and build their career with confidence and clarity.

Know Yourself
Detailed analysis of child’s skills, interests and personality type.

Know the Skills and Gaps
Understanding the skill gaps across 14 different skill areas categorized under Mental , Physical and Social skills. Fulfilling the skill gaps by detailed learning interventions.

Know the Best Suited Career and Degree
Creating multiple best suited career options based on skill profiles, interest profiles and persona type.

Be ready for the Future
Detailed education and career action plan.

Meet the Founder

Suparna Ganguly, the founder of CareerVantage, is not just an entrepreneur but also an inspirational writer. She began her career as a school teacher in respected public schools in Delhi. Her students, fellow teachers, and parents all loved and appreciated her for her caring and observant nature, as well as her excellent teaching skills. Suparna always believed in nurturing the overall development of children, rather than focusing solely on their academic performance.

However, she later decided to switch from teaching to a full-time office job in Kolkata. After gaining 20 years of valuable experience in various roles within different organizations, she decided to create an online platform for career counseling and development in 2021.

Suparna is based in Kolkata and holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta. She also completed her Bachelor of Education from Maharshi Dayanand University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. Furthermore, she is a certified career counselor through the Advance Career Counseling Program (ACCP) and International Studies Counseling Program (ISCP) offered by the well-known online learning platform in India , Bodhami Learning.

Combining her educational background and personal experiences, Suparna is dedicated to helping students, graduates, job seekers and career switchers finding their perfect career paths.

Suparna Ganguly

“After investing precious resources like time, hard work and money , when people say ‘ this is not the career I really want’ ---causes pain to me.”

Suparna Ganguly

Our Plans

Career Shine Basic

Stream Selection and planning for class 8 and 9

Multi-dimensional AI based detailed career assessment report

One-to-One detail analysis of assessment

Top study stream recommendation and subject selection

Learning recommendations for the skill gaps

After 10th Options

Career Shine Advanced

Career Assessment for Class 10-12

Multi-dimensional AI based detailed career assessment report

One-to-One report analysis.

Top Career Matches, short listing and selection based on skills,interets and aptitudes

College and course selection

Career path planning

Learning interventions to bridge the skill gaps (if any)

Profile Building

Online Query support

Career Bull

Graduates and Working Professionals

5-dimensional detailed AI based career assessment report

Top Career advice based on interests, skills, and aptitude

Interventions needed for target careers

Persona and Skill gaps analysis

Learning interventions for skill gaps

Profile Building

Preparing for interview board

On line query support


Career Assessment Test

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